GCPay 2022 Industry Report (White Cover Image For Landing Pages)

2022 Construction Finance Management Practices Opportunities Report

Payment automation trends for finance teams that make an impact


2022 North American Industry Report Key Findings:

What this Report Will Give You

  • Identify opportunities based on trends you can apply to be been able to quickly launch new projects post-COVID.
  • Understand how new technology payment automation trends are enabling greater efficiencies with fewer manpower hours needed.
  • Learn where automation has been implemented for maximum benefit to finance team.

What’s Inside

This report goes into detail on what has changed since COVID and what led the majority of contractors to make a change in how they manage their payment application process.

  • 63% of general contractors chose to automate work rather than hire additional staff
  • >20hrs a month goes to managing pay app management
  • 27% of general contractors are migrating to automated AFP processes
  • E-Payment has increased by 40% since COVID ended
    * Based on data from 240 contractors


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